Contraceptive App on Fire for Unwanted Pregnancies

A contraceptive app is under fire after many people experienced unplanned pregnancies.

The Characteristic Cycles application, an ensured preventative in Europe, utilizes a calculation to anticipate when a lady is generally ripe. In any case, a Swedish healing center is raising consideration about unintended pregnancies identified with the application. 

Södersjukhuset doctor's facility in Stockholm said no less than 37 ladies looked for premature births at its offices in the wake of utilizing it as an anti-conception medication strategy. 

"No contraception is 100% compelling, and undesirable pregnancies is a grievous hazard with any contraception. At first sight, the numbers said in the media are not shocking given the fame of the application and in accordance with our viability rates." 

The doctor's facility announced the application to the Therapeutic Items Organization, the Swedish government office for control and observation of medications and restorative gadgets. The news was first secured by Swedish media outlet SVT. 

The application, which propelled in 2014 and turned into an ensured prophylactic in Europe a year ago, considers factors, for example, a lady's body temperature, sperm survival rates and past monthly cycle cycles to anticipate when ladies should utilize conventional contraception. It can likewise be utilized as a following apparatus to amplify the odds of getting pregnant. 

The application has around 700,000 clients around the world.

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