How to Delete all Your Windows 10 Activity History

Windows 10 gathers and spares your action history both on your PC and to the cloud, from browsing history to location data to everything in the middle. Fortunately Microsoft makes it simple to see every one of the information that is being put away, and furthermore makes it simple to erase it.
As you utilize Windows 10, you do Bing seeks, control Cortana with your voice, peruse the web utilizing Microsoft Edge. All that data is gathered by Microsoft to make the customized for the clients, they say. It's much the same as what Google improves the situation Google account clients. 

You can see some data gathered by Windows 10 as action history. Furthermore, gratefully, Redmond hasn't made it dull and relatively difficult to clear movement identified with Windows 10.

             Data that Windows 10 collects:

*Cortana voice commands
*Enabled location data
*Edge browsing history 
*search history via Bing
And others various data and information.

              How to Delete Activity history?
You can without much of a stretch see what information has been put away and how to erase it. There are two ways you can clear your action history: either specifically inside your PC's settings or in your Microsoft cloud account. To do it on your PC, do as follow:
Go to *Settings  *Privacy  *Activity History.
Under Clear Activity History, click the Clear button.

              How to View Windows 10 Activity history?
Go to *setting *privacy *activity history and click *Manage my activity info.
A browser window will open up, and you may be prompted to log into your account if you aren't already logged in.

 Here, you  see your data divided into the categories as listed below: 
-Browsing History
-Search History
-Location Activity
-Voice Activity
-Cortana's Activity
-Health Activity

You can see and clear data in each section clicking the clear button that resemble the each section and confirm the delete option. Other than keeping track of how you use your computer, the Windows 10 Activity history can be helpful in different ways. For instance, if you give your computer to your kids, you can know if they aren’t breaking any of your rules.

Also, if you manage to lose your device someday, location updates in the activity history can be helpful. The location details displayed on the activity history page might not be accurate, still, it provides a rough idea of where your stolen device could be present.

It would be ideal if you take note of that it isn't conceivable to erase all Windows 10 Activity history without a moment's delay. You have to pick a channel and after that snap "Clear action" to expel every one of the things recorded utilizing that channel. 

You can keep your things from populating on your Windows 10 action history page by debilitating the separate highlights on your PC.

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