Lenovo Mirage Solo, The Future of VR

Google and Lenovo are making a VR headset called the Lenovo Delusion Solo. Independent headsets are a moderately new class of VR equipment. It doesn't expect you to fly in a cell phone to utilize it like past Google VR offerings. What's more, you're not fastened to a PC like higher-end headsets, for example, Oculus rift.

The screen and processing power is pressed into the goggles itself, so you can whirl and meander through virtual scenes and experiences without getting tangled (be cautious and avoid stairs). 

The headset will have propelled following highlights that identify where you are and given you a chance to move around, for example, dodging to keep away from an approaching virtual fowl or venturing forward to pet a virtual unicorn. 

The items in the virtual world will remain settled in their legitimate spots. Albeit different frameworks require outside sensors to be set around a space to achieve this, the Hallucination Solo has them incorporated with the headset itself. 

The headset runs Google Wander off in fantasy land, organization's virtual reality stage. The product is as of now accessible on the Wander off in fantasy land View, Google's texture secured gadget that uses an iPhone or Android telephone as the screen. There are more than 250 applications accessible on Stare off into space, and more in transit including an amusement in view of Edge Sprinter. 

A virtual reality stage needs substance to succeed. Google has planned a VR180 camera particularly to capture wide-edge scenes in 4K to play on VR headsets. The organization said it will incorporate more profundity than current 360-degree cameras.

Since it's not utilizing a cell phone screen, the illustrations are required to be altogether more honed on the Delusion Solo. The gadget will have a "throwing" alternative so you can stream what you're seeing to a television.

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