Long-distance couples can fill their relationship gap via Technology

Long distance relationship 

The couple starts their relationship long-distance, and get to know each other through emails and text messages via social medias and internet. With the help of various communication tools, Couples can manage to stay together and marry each other.

Tools to stay in touch:
Couples can use a various tools to keep in touch over years including Facebook Messenger, Skype, email, WhatsApp and many more.Skype is another one of the every couple's favourites. So much information can be lost through email and text, so video calls are always helping couples when they're going through something. And sometimes, when they're having a bad day or nightmare, couples just want to see each other. Just a video call can make such a difference.

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To keep a long-distance relationship fun and prosperous:
The couple can use technology to stay emotionally and mentally close to each other. But there's another risk with long-distance dating i.e weariness.Long distant couples cannot take the each other out on an adventurous date, so how to keep the relationship fun?

Here is a way. Instead watching movies together, couples can do movie dates on their laptops by timing the movies and clips and watch it together simultaneously. They can also use the Couple app, which allows couples to keep traces of important times and dates, share a huge sort of things that they want to do together.

Happily ever after:
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Advice to long distance couples
-Have the same goal.
-Lean on technology.
-Always try to be with each other.
-Be consistent.
And work for that.
That's All.

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