Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion 

source: Pexels.com

An Optical illusion is an illusion caused due to the visual system and characterized by visual percept that appears to be different from reality. It occurs when our eyes send information to our brains that tricks us into perceiving something that does not match the reality.

Some of the optical illusions are:

a. Physioloigical illusion 

b. Cognitive illusion

Physiological illusions are caused by some types of physical means in the eyes or the brain.Whereas Cognitive illusion are caused when our brain automatically make assumptions based on informations and data sent from the optical nerve of the eyes. Ambiguous and Distorting illusion are the examples of Cognitive illusion.

Researchers believe that optical illusions are possibly occurs because our brains are best at recognizing repeating patterns and familier things and objects. Our brain work at a rapid pace to make a "full" image from a different objects.

However clever artists can use their skills and they have tendency to trick our eyes and brains into seeing different objects through their drawing.

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