World's most powerful rocket, Falcon Heavy

The Falcon Heavy will provide the United States a heavy-lift capability in space.The heavy launch was viewed by an overall half-million people who packed the beaches  Florida’s space coast for the biggest fireworks show, The Space X Launch.


Musk, the billionaire founder and lead designer of SpaceX, who first announced plans for a heavy-lift rocket in 2011 and constructed the Falcon Heavy by collecting together three boosters from the company’s  proven Falcon 9 cargo rockets, had downplayed expectations of a successful launch.The Falcon Heavy will provide help in interplanetary exploration and assist the mission of NASA,  as it works towards a return to the moon for the first time since 1972, and eventually landing humans on Mars before the middle of the century.The cost of a Falcon heavy launch was less because it was performed by recycling rockets.

The worse part for Musk was the rumoured loss of Falcon heavy’s third booster, the central core. An hour after the launch, SpaceX was unable to confirm that the booster had landed safely in the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, the two side boosters had landed successfully on land at the space centre.

For Returning, each Falcon booster saves some fuel for a controlled re-entry. Once released from the central core, they turn themselves so that they are flying backwards, re-start the engines to reverse their frontal acceleration and essentially perform a huge U-turn in the sky, redirecting their fall back towards their starting point and fall like a giant meteors, fire their engines once again for a few seconds on the way down to control their velocity and position, then freefall almost all the way to the ground until one last firing just before making a controlled landing.

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