5 Best Free Music Apps To Get Free Songs and Music on All Android Devices

The top 5 Best Free Music Apps that allow you to get free music on all Android devices.

The below mentioned applications will work on any android device and it doesn't matter which android device you have. You'll be able to get free music on it.

Free Music Apps

1. Fildo

    Basically every song that you can think of on iTunes is on Fildo and it has all of your favorite artists, all the top albums. The best part of this app is the quantity of songs that it contains. Every song that one can think of will be on Fildo. So I highly recommend the app. When you first download and open the you have the top albums so you can scroll through them. You see the albums of whole lot of top artists. Down below there are top artists of the genre so you can see all of them and then you have all of the genres like rock , house music, hip hop and rap and a whole lot more. The playlist is generated by the app. In the app you can search for the new musics, you have the last 100 playlists, you have the log in, downloader, share option and many more features.  It has thousands upon thousands of songs. All you have to do is search for an artist, song, or album and then it will have it.

2. Snaptube
    Snaptube is an android app that allows to download youtube videos. It also allows you to download a youtube video as an MP3 so you basically download music onto your android. So basically what Snaptube allows you to do is download music from youtube and also download videos from many different sites that includes facebook, instagram, soundcloud, vimeo etc. To download music and video from youtube, all you have to do is pres Youtube icon and then search for a song that you want on youtube and then you can download the song from there in the format you want and the quality you want. You can easily download the mp3 file by choosing the format. 

3. iTube
   iTube allows you to download youtube videos on to your phone.The overall user interface is very simple and it allows you to get your required song and music you want to listen. It allows you to listen to music from youtube and one can listen to it offline. It has a bunch of features. In iTube you have the search tab where you can search for the any youtube videos and they have all the music downloaded into the app. Once the video is downloaded you can play it without any wi-fi or data connection and you can have any song in your android device just like that.  
4. TinyTunes
     When you first open it you have the charts iTunes top songs, albums, new releases, and all the billboard top songs, and billboard hot 100 and many more. You have all the different categories, genres in the app. The layout is easy to navigate and user friendly. The app has many categories to choose from and you can easily play and download music. You don't have to spend a lot of time getting used to it. TinyTunes for android has every song you can think of.  

5. Soundload

    Soundload is an free android application that allows you to download songs on Soundcloud directly to your android device. SoundCloud is a great app because it has a lot of free music already but you cannot download every song. When you have Soundload downloaded you also need to have soundcloud downloaded in you android phone. So basically it is just an extension that allows you to download music free and easily. 

So these are the 5 Best Free Music Apps To Get Free Songs and Music on All Android Devices.

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