Let's have a look in some of the HIGHEST PAYING JOBS.

Almost every job seekers say that salary is the key factor while considering employment options.The top 10 highest paying jobs are listed below:

10. Data Security Analyst

Data Security Analyst image

      Data being a valuable resource, tech giants are offering their data security analyst $90,000 USD per year. A professional data security analyst must be proficient at an array of skills including operating systems, networking, risk management, fluent communication, while also having a knack for creative problem solving. Roles and responsibility includes protecting information on computers, and data networks by installing and maintaining security software, implementing strategies to ensure networks are free from of breaches and imparting information to computer users around security policies. Data Security Analyst find jobs in multitude of companies ranging from simple college institutions to government organization and even high paying private organizations. 

9. Full Stack Web Developer

    A Full Stack Web Developer is someone who has knowledge of front end and back end development. He must understand how the web works at every level including setting up and configuring Linux or Windows servers. Coding server side API's and running the client side of the web. The average salary of a full stack web developer is 110k USD and an experience of working  in the front end and the back end is required. Some of the skills required by the full stack developer include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, general purpose programming language and relational database system. Roles and responsibilities includes designing and developing the UI(User Interface), develop server side code working with  system infrastructure, understanding, creating and querying databases, project management and client coordination. Many companies in market are looking to hire full stack developers. 

8. Project Manager

Data Security Analyst

     Project Management is one of the most important task that decides the success or failure of the project. The entire responsibility of managing a project solely lies on the shoulders of a project manager. A project manager pockets an average salary of 63k to 85k USD per year. But with the major certifications salary can be boost up it's limit. Major skills required to become a project manager are leadership, a good communication, problem solving, negotiation and so on. Responsibilities includes planning, scheduling, task sequencing, managing budgets, estimating risks, monitoring and reporting progress, controlling quality and all of this while sychronizing their team properly. They are not industry specific, Highly skilled project managers are often recruited by major brands like Microsoft, Dell, CGI and many more. 

7. Data Warehouse architect

Data Warehouse architect

    Internet has brought in data revolution. In this world of ever growing data, we need specialist that can help us build and form a bridge between traditional warehousing and modern day data handling. As per the stats on pay scale, a Data Warehouse architect bags an average salary of 116K USDk per year, Data Warehouse engineers are expected to have an experience of 3 to 5 years. A Data Warehouse architect must be technically strong, and possess knowledge about ETL, Data modelling, data analysis etc. They must have in-depth system and application development knowledge to help design fault tolerance system. They should also have visions and great communication skills to articulate best architectural designs. Data Warehouse architect is also responsible for requirement gathering, planning, design articulation of data warehousing system. Some of companies hiring Data Warehouse architect includes Amazon, Google, Microsoft. 

6. Software Engineering Manager

Software Engineering Manager

    Software Engineering Manager is expected to run an organization using revolutionary processes. By focusing on an impactful business  and running processes which would result in large productivity gains. Software Engineering Manager is expected to manage the design and implementations of software applications. The average salary of such skilled professional would range around a amount of 120K USD per year. Now the skill set required to make career in this field is to be able to build, develop, and engage a team of engineers from a global pool and lead them to effectively solve challenging software problems. Software Engineering Manager should have in-depth knowledge about software engineering and hands-on experience on programming platforms. The role of this job is to ensure the best practices of around software development. The companies hiring for this role are Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft. 

5. IoT solution architect

    Being so young yet widespread the salaries offered to an IoT solution architect today generally start on the higher side of 100K USD per year as it need expertise in numerous skills though. IoT solution architect requires skills like applications, database network, cloud cyber security sensor architecture and software engineering practices to build and IoT solution architecture. A solution Iot architect must must bring together best available digital capabilities to help clients in using technology to transform their businesses. It's roles and responsibilities involves everything from IT modernization and strategies to agile and digital transformation. Delivering the leading edge in technology is your responsibility. The soaring market of leading companies endorsing its prolonged use as technological solutions shows it's future scope. Corporate giants include CISCO, BOSCH, Amazon and many more.

4. Senior Cloud Architect

Senior Cloud Architect

     The demands for cloud computing expertise continue to increase explonentially and will accelerate in coming years. One of the most rewarding and most requested cloud computing jobs in the IT field today is cloud architect. According to the data from payscale, the average salary for a senior cloud architect is 128K USD per year depending on experience, location and skills. Senior Cloud Architect must possess a sizeable collection of technical and non-technical skills. In addition 10 or more years of experience in designing large and complex IT operations in large organization is required while strong communication skills are always a plus. High level responsibility of cloud architect include planning and designing cloud environments and typically provide guidance throughout the life of a development or  deployment of a project. Companies that hires cloud architects are Oracle, Deloitte, Amazon, JpMorgan, and many others.

3. DevOps Engineer

    DevOps is not a technology or a framework or a tool. It is a methodology. About 80% of the companies pay more than 90K USD starting salary to a DevOps engineer. DevOps engineer is somebody who understands the software development life cycle and has the outright understanding of various automation tools for developing CI or CD pipelines. They are either developers who get interested in deployment and network operations or admins who have a passion for scripting and coding and moving into the development side where they can improve the planning of test and deployment. Some of the companies hiring DevOps engineer includes IBM and Cognizant.

2. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

    Data science has created a huge impact in today's IT world. As a field data science rose to prominence owing the record level of structured and unstructured data. According to Pay Scale Data Scientist has an average salary of 91K USD per year. A top level data scientist with extensive experience in the industry can earn upto 148 K USD a year. To become a data scientist you need to possess programming skills, statistical skills, machine learning and advanced machine learning such as deep learning. You should also have knowledge on big data tools and data visualizations tools. This also involves identifying hidden pattern, unknown correlations etc. Now top companies hiring Data Scientist are TATA consultancy services, Facebook, Google.

1. Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect

    An Enterprise Architect role is multifaceted and extremely dynamic but the unique nature of this profile along with the deficiency of skilled professionals in this field ensure an average pay scale of 150 K USD. Though this field is relatively new experience strongly influences the salary. An Enterprise Architect depending on work experience takes home between 80 K to 210 K USD a year. Their job profile requires them to talk to both technical developers and business managers. An Enterprise Architect is someone who fully understands a company's business strategy and outlines the technology that is needed to support it with skills like process knowledge, strong foundation in IT architecture and experience in project management. Once you are recognized as an Enterprise Architect, you have a great chance of landing a job in companies such as Honeywell, Dell, SAP.

Every company, every industry need some form of Information technology services there are technology carries no matter where you live or what your specific expertise.

So these are some jobs in the list of HIGHEST PAYING JOBS.


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