Let's discuss about the 10 most trending and latest technologies that everyone is talking about and will acquire a huge market in the coming years. So you can make this as your resolution to master one of these in next year. So let's move on to our list. 

10. RPA-Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation image

      Generally any job in any industry involves tasks that are repetitive in nature and can be automated. RPA or Robotic Process Automation allows you to automate such routine and repetitive tasks. Hence RPA can boost the overall productivity of companies, by saving their time and money. It has lots of cool features like no coding skills are required, RPA comes with simple drag and drop tool, and you can automate any repetitive task without changing the underline technologies. RPA technology can be implemented using various tools. The top tools include UIPATH, BLUEPRISM and AUTOMATION anywhere.

9. Intelligent Apps

Intelligent Apps image

    Intelligent Apps are popularly known as I-Apps. I-Apps are pieces of software written for mobile devices based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology for making the every day task easier. This involves tasks like organizing, prioritizing Emails, Scheduling Meetings, Logging interactions and content etc. Some examples would be Chat Bots and Virtual Assistance.

8. Internet Of Things(IOT)

Internet Of Things image

    IOT is about connecting different objects in your environment via Intelligent sensors enabling them to send and receive data. This includes everything from mobile phone, refrigerators, washing machines to almost everything that you can think of. With IOT we can have smart cities with optimized traffic system , efficient waste management and energy use. IOT is basically a giant network of connected devices, all of which gathers and share data about how they are used, and the environments in which they are operating. And doing so each of your device will be learning from the experience of the other devices. IOT is trying to expand the interdependence in humans, that is interact, contribute and collaborate to things. This is all about IOT which is in the list of LATEST TECHNOLOGY TRENDS.

7. DevOps

    DevOps is not a technology, it is a methodology that ensures that both the development and operations go hand-in-hand. DevOps life cycle is picturized as infinite loop representing Integration of developers and operations team by automating infrastructures, workflow and continuous measuring application performance. It is basically the process of continual improvement. You can even see the companies that are using DevOps right now. We have Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and most of the companies out there in the market are using DevOps. It provides shorter software development life cycles. The quality of the software produced is way better than the previous waterfall model. It also gives you improved work environment. There are many DevOps tools available in the market. The most popular tools are git, Jenkins, puppet, chef, Docker, and there are many other tools as well. 

6. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing image

    Cloud Computing is a buzzword in the IT industry right now. Cloud computing is one of the most trending latest technology. This is because it allows company to save a lot of money and simplifies the life of a user. Day by days more and more companies are shifting their infrastructures in Cloud. What is the reasons for that? First of all it is fast and scalable. It can be accessed from anywhere. There is no upfront cost and it provides better security. There are lot of cloud provider in the market. For example Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, IBM, Google. There is even digital oceans. There is lot of competition out there in the market. But Amazon Web Services is the clear winner based in the market share. 

5. Blockchain

Blockchain | biticoin image

    Blockchain is basically the technology that runs bitcoin. And Bitcoin is the world's first digital cryptocurrency and that is the future of the economy. Even if blockchain doesn't exists after couples of years, you will have some cryptocurrency that is based on blockchain.  

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence image

    It was first coined in the year 1952 by John McCarthy, but due to lack of data and computing power it was not feasible at that time. But now with enormous amount of data and huge computing power, AI is possible and especially with the advent of technologies like Deep Learning and Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence is basically creating Intelligent software, making a machine that is smart. A machine that has power to think, analyze and make decisions based on the huge amount of data that we have. 

3. Cybersecurity

 Cybersecurity image

    Keeping recent data breaches that have been committed by the tech-industry bigwigs the global data protection regulations were revamped. This has resulted in the demand for the cybersecurity personals who can cope up with all these changes and keep a company of any sorts of compliance issue. Regardless of recent events, Cybersecurity is an evergreen field because new and more creative attacks are being formulated everyday and working professionals are kept on their toes as they are burden with the responsibility of constantly updating themselves faster than the attacker so that any sort of compromise in security can be mitigated with ease. Keep yourself well versed with the fundamentals of digital communication, Networking and risk analysis to land yourself a job. Jobs related to compliance including positions like senior analyst and compliance officer are thriving and offering salaries that will make your pockets jingling with money. 

2. Quantum Computing

    Quantum Computers are new kinds of machines that promise an explonential growth sprut in processing power, capable of tackling problems our computers today can't solve. Over 50 year of advancement in mathematics, material science and computer science have transformed quantum computing from theory to reality. The operating system of nature is quantum mechanics. If you want to simulate a quantum system, you need something that can do it quantum mechanically. That's the kind of problem that a quantum computer can solve. Tech giants like IBM and Google are all in something of a scientific race to build the first universal quantum computer. Because Quantum computers can analyze large amount of data and can spot patterns quickly, they could tackle optimization problem for trasportation and industry, advance climate modelling, and boost artificial intelligence research one day. Quantum computer are still in the experimental stage but their raw potential and imminent arrival are sure to cause a paradigm shift in the computing physics, and our understanding of the world we live in today.  

1. Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience image

    Immersive Experience both integrates Augmented reality and Virtual Reality. Through a mix of data science, Artificial intelligence, and creativity, virtual and augmented reality offers the opportunity to train and plan in a safe environment, with consequences. From battlefield simulation to hospital management scenario, this technology better prepares teams for mission success. To make a truly transportive experience, audiences crave the sensory richness we would find in the real world around us not only visually but in the care and attention to sound, scale and imagine world off-stage. All this can be done with a string foothold on concepts of data science and artificial intelligence. Various people from teams such as Artificial intelligence and data handling experts are required to collaborate to achieve the overall goal at hand. 

So these are the latest technology trends and trending technologies. 



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