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Here below are the TOP 10 AWESOME ANDROID APPS that you definitely want to check out if you don't have these already. These apps are pretty cool and free to install. So let's get right into it.

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10. SnapSeed
      SnapSeed is probably one of the best photo editing apps. It's actually made by google themselves. The reason I think it's so great is that it has all the basic photo adjustments like brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpness, and everything else you'd expect, but it also has some really cool advanced tools as well. For example it has curve adjustments, so you can finally tune the brightness and brightness and contrast of the image. And possibly the coolest tool is the "perspective tool" which warps the image  in such a way that kind of makes it look like you took the photo from another angle, and it automatically fixes the cropped edges around it too. It also has a ton of premade filters as well you can use. So if you like taking photos and need just a little bit more control, this is definitely something you should check out.
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9. Flow
    This app by Amazon is more or less a glorified barcode scanner, but it can definitely be useful in certain situations. Basically what you do is you point the camera at a barcode for some product, and it will look up what the thing is, then show you the price on Amazon. You can scan things back one after another and it makes the list of the things you just scanned. What people typically use this for is when they're in a store looking to buy something and if they want to know if they can get it cheaper  on Amazon. Like in electronic store or something like that a lot of time they are little bit more expensive than what you could have get it for. Instead of having to figure out which version is  right and type in the Amazon and find it and all that, one can just scan the barcode and instantly know how the price compares. Then I can see if the store will do a price match or if i just need to buy it right from the Amazon myself. So it's pretty basic but has a cool interface and can be useful.
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8. Google Opinion Reward

    Google Opinion Reward is an app by google where they occasionally ask you some survey questions, and give you Google Play Store credit in exchange. The surveys are typically very short and easy. For example you might just answer two multiple choice questions and get 50 cents credit. So it's not like you are going to make a lot from it, but it can add up over time. It's nice to have some credit on your account if you come across a paid app that you want. Though the surveys seem to come pretty randomly, sometime one can get multiple surveys in one day, other time there is weeks between surveys. Visit: EARN MONEY ONLINE | WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE
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7. Mr. Number
    This is a great app for identifying and blocking potential span or scam phone calls. It has a bunch of different things and settings that allow you to filter phone calls from numbers that are known scams, suspected spams, or even unknown hidden callers. But what more useful about it is that if you get a call from a number that you don't recognize, you can look at it and see reports about that number from other users on the app. For example you can look up a number and see everyone reporting that it's a credit card offer, or that they call about some other scam. If you really want to lock things down, you can just have it block any calls from numbers that aren't in you contacts at all, but that would be kind of an extreme case I think. I think it's worth checking out, definitely good if you get a lot of spam calls.
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6. Feedly
    This is a news reader app and it basically gives you all the news stories and articles from any news sources you choose to be in your feed. And in addition to the app you can also use their website as well, There is different groups set up for different categories, like all the technology news in one, science in other, that sort of things. It's basically the much better version of the old RSS feeds you used to see. The interface is nice as well. It shows you a little header image that goes along with the article so you don't have to just read the headlines. So it's a great way to quickly get all the news you care about and want to know without having to check all the single website individually.
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5. Google Trips
    Google Trips is a relatively new app from Google that is meant to help you plan trips for places you're visiting. So what you do is simply type in what city you're going to be in, and it will give you list of things to do, places to eat, transportation options, and a bunch of other info you might need. It also ties in with your google account. So if you have any hotel reservations, it will see that in your email and automatically show you some suggestions based on that. If you want to know where to eat, you can look up what are the top spots, the ratings of those spots, different types of food and many sorts of things. You could use it for your own city if you want to find something new to do. It's just a neat way to figure out how to spend your time.
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4. Parallel Space
    This app basically allows one to clone app on their phone and then run separate instances of them. This means if you have an app that only allows you to log into into one account at once, you can clone that app and have separate instances of it, one logged into one account and a second with another account so that you can just watch each one individually. It creates the two icons for the original and cloned version of app on the phone. It's just way more convenient to switch between the apps. To set it up, just open the Parallel Space app pick an app that you want to clone and then it pretty much does it. It's not perfect though sometimes the cloned app just won't work. They'll either crash, or not let you log in or some other issues. But those problems typically get fixed after the updates.
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3. Authy
    Authy is an excellent app for two factor authentication codes. One should be using two factor authentication on any sites that allow it. How it usually work is that on that site that supports it, you enable two factor authentication, so any time you want to log in from a new computer, you not only need to type in a password but also type in one of the rolling codes from a code generator app, like Authy. There are several of them out there but many like Authy because it allows you to back up all your code tokens encrypted, so if you lose your phone or get a new one, you don't have to set up everything all over again. Code generator apps are much better than text message codes, because you don't have have to worry about cell phone reception, and plus you're are safe even if someone were to compromise you cell phone account to receive your text messages. With this if they don't have access to your physical phone, they cannot access your accounts. So it's super important if you are not using two factor authentication already.

2. Google Keep
    Google Keep may already have pre-loaded in most of the phones but if you are not using it, I'm telling you are missing out. Keep is an very powerful note taking tool to say the least. You can type text notes to write something down, but you can also add images, check box lists, audio recordings to your notes. And you can set up remainder times so it will gives you a notification for the note whenever you want. Probably the best thing about it is that it syncs everything to the cloud through your Google account. So you can access all your notes through any device when you're logged in and even in the computer through "". So you are on your phone or computer, and you want to copy a bunch of text or something between the devices, you can just paste it into the keep note and it will sync to everything. This is also useful if you want to type up a long remainder, you can type it out more easily on your computer keyboard, then copy it on your phone, instead of having to type it out all on your phone's keyboard. There's is really a ton more you can do with the app.

1. Cam Scanner

    Cam Scanner is a very useful app when you need to scan or take a picture of a document, but you don't want to go through the hassle of scanning it on your computer. With this app you just take a picture of the document, and it will automatically resize, crop and fix the perspective of the picture so it looks pretty similar to an actual scanner. And on black and white images it will remove the background too. One obvious use if for saving pictures of receipts, whether you are just keeping track of expenses, or just so you have them in general.

These are the TOP 10 AWESOME ANDROID APPS that are free to install and use in Android platform.

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