Top 5 Free PC Software

Top 5 Free PC Software

All the software mentioned in this article are Free and Open Source Software. Free and Open Source Software is software classified as both free software and open-source software. Any person is freely  licensed to use, copy, study, and change the software. The source code of the software is open to everyone so that people are persuaded to willingly improve the software. Top 5 Free PC Software that are worthy and free to use are.

    On number 5 of the Top 5 Free PC Software is Krita. Krita is a raster graphics editor that is designed primarily for sketching and painting for digital artists. The software has a ton of features. Some of them includes drawing assistance, layer management, layer mask, and PSD file support. In the resources section, you can also import brush and texture packs from other artists to increase your tool set. When you first open Krita you'll notice that it has a clean looking user interface that can be customized to fit your needs. In the default view all the tools are on the left just like most of the others graphics editing software. On Krita's documentation page. To learn how to use the software, they provide a user manual, tutorials, a getting started guide along with other resources to help you out. Krita is available for free on all the major platforms. If you are running on windows they do have a paid app for windows 10 users in the windows app store for about 10 dollars with 70% of that going to the Krita foundation otherwise you still have the option to choose the free installers for Krita will all the same features as the app. 

KRITA display

   On number 4 of the Top 5 Free PC Software is NOMACS. Nomacs is an image viewer which is known for having amazing features that are typically not found in the standard photo viewers on most operating systems. It supports every common image format including raw. One can even resize and crop their images within nomacs without the need to open image editing software like Photoshop. It is lot more useful for windows users than the Photos app within the windows operating system. It contains the standard features found in most image viewers including slideshow and being able to cycle through your images with the left or right arrows keys on keyboard. If you want to make any changes to your photos, the editing options can be found in the toolbar at the top by selecting adjustments. Selecting some of these will instantly make changes to your photos. While others will open a pane on the right side where one can make additional changes. Also in adjustments you have the ability to resize or crop an image. Nomacs is available for windows and the various distros for Linux. It appears that downloads for Mac are limited to lion and snow leopard. 

Nomacs display

    On number 3 of the Top 5 Free PC Software is Mixxx. Mixxx is a DJ audio mixing program with a full range of mixing, programming and effects which one can use for recordings or live presentations. It has full integrations with the songs and the playlists from iTunes and supports most of the common music file formats. It contains many of the features you would find in expensive DJ mixing software. Some of those key features includes time stretch, beat looping, master sync along with equalizer and cross fader control. Mixxx also makes it easy to organize your music library. If you still own CDs, you can load those tunes into your library as well. If you have never used DJ mixing software. When you first open mixxx, the user interface can be overwhelming. In their support section they provide links to their user manual, wiki and community forums where you can get additional help. Mixxx is available on Windows, Mac and the Linux distro Ubuntu. 

mixxx display

    On number 2 of the Top 5 Free PC Software is Kdenlive. Kdenlive is a powerful non linear video editor that's very user friendly and easier to use than most of the video editors that you can get. It has multi-track video editing and supports just about any audio or video format. It also has tons of effects and transitions that can improve the quality of your project. Kdenlive is based on the same MLT framework as shotcut. To get you more familiar with the software in the user manual on their site, there is quick start guide to get started. Kdenlive is available for most of the popular distributions of Linux. The window version is currently in beta. The packages are outdated on Mac now. 

Kdenlive display

    On number 1 of the Top 5 Free PC Software is Virtual Box. Virtual Box allows you to install and run other operating systems within a virtual environment on your computer. It's a great way to test out multiple operating systems. When you launch virtual box, If you have installed any operating systems they will appear in the left pane. If you are curious about trying one of the more user-friendly Linux distributions Ubuntu is recommended for beginners. Linux mint is great for those that are new to Linux. After you've installed an operating system into virtual box to launch it, It's simple as selecting the operating system from the left pane and the selecting start. The operating system will go through it's process of booting up. Eventually you will land on the desktop where you can launch and use programs for that operating system. Virtual Box is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. 

Virtual Box display
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These are the Top 5 Free PC Software that are free to download and use. 

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