8 Best Windows Software and Apps You should Try [2019]

Let's check out 8 Best Windows Software and Apps you should try in 2019.

8. Quick Look:

An ability to preview files just using the space button in Mac OS is something that one always wants in Windows PC.Well the free Quick Look app brings exactly the same feature. It's a pretty simple app that enables a quick preview of files using the space button. It's so easy and so handy. One can just preview any files easily and can keep pressing the down arrow to preview all the files in a folder really quickly. There are no additional feature here but the preview window has an option to open the file in one of the apps that you use. So you can do that if you want to edit a file.

7. Ueli:
Windows 10 search is pretty decent but if you don't find it very powerful and that's where the Ueli app is so handy. Ueli brings a launcher to window which is very similar to spotlight on Mac. So basically you can just press ALT+Space to open up the Ueli launcher and then quickly launch apps, files, search for files or search for something online. It's really powerful and is customizable too. You can customize the look of the launcher and you can create custom shortcuts. 

6. Groupy:

 Last year Microsoft announced a new sets of features for windows which would let you use multiple apps as tabs in a single window but that's delayed and Groupy is an app that brings the similar feature to windows. The apps let you use different apps and software in the same window. It has a range of customization options. It's available for free trial for 30 days after that you will have to pay five dollars for the full version. 

5. Franz:
Accessing your emails, whatsapp messages, your facebook messages, SMS all from your PC can be quite a task. Well Franz is a super cool app that lets you access all of these in one unified interface. You can just add the services you use and there are lot of services to choose from. You can just log in with your accounts and start using everything in a single app and it's not just handy for different services. It can be used to access multiple Gmail accounts.
Download Franz

4. ShareX
Windows 10 now includes a pretty handy screenshot tool but it just does not come close to shareX, a screenshot and screen recorder tool that's light weight but packed heavily with features. With ShareX, you can make different types of screenshots, One can set shareX to automatically save the screenshots upload it to a host like Google photos and open the editing tool. It even let's you record your screen in the usual mp4 format.
Download ShrareX

3. PeaZip
All most all of have used winrar and got annoyed with those trial expire pop up. Well it's time to switch to PeaZip which is a free compression tool that is a featured packed. Most importantly it let's you open all types of compression file formats out there and it let's you create archives and in almost all the formats. It not only lets you create encrypted archives, you can even create file archives with two factor authentication. Apart from that there are all the features you can expect from a compression tool like the ability to split and join archives, building file manager, secure deletion of files and more. 

2. WizTree:
If you want a laptop with 128 GB SSD or even 256 GB SSD, you must have faced low storage issues, there are times when you have no idea what is taking so much of a storage. WizTree is a super useful software that finds the files and folders using the most disk space on your hard drive. It's simple to use and it show you the visual map of the file so that you can spot the large files with ease. 

1. Converter Bot

This is for people who are tired of installing new apps to open up different files, it's a handy little apps that supports more than 300 file types so you can preview any file you want and convert them to a file type you want. Overall it is a super handy free tool to have on your windows PC.

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