Top 10 IT Jobs [Information Technology]

So Here are the list of most lucrative jobs offers that one can look around for with tech giants, medium giants and small giants. The career opportunity in Information Technology sector is tremendously large. There are bunch of job offers that one can choose from and get into it. So, here are the list of Top 10 IT jobs that might help you around.

  1. UI & UX Designers:
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    • A lot of people join Engineering but still they have their hearts with the animations, designs, sketches and all these things. Now the great part is all those guys who are designers can actually move into the technology. For sure they have to learn a lot of new skills.
    • The basic job of a UI & UX Designers is to make sure that how the mobile apps look like or how one's website or web product looks like. To determine how the page of a app or website looks like and how actually the entire structure is being designed, make sure how the user proceed in the app is all the role UI & UX Designers. Furthermore they also decide what kind of color and theme to use, how the user should navigate and so on.
    • Knowledge required are photoshop, Illustrator and other sketching apps. 
  2. Web Developers:
    • Web Development is something which is always going to stay in the IT industry You cannot get rid of the websites on the web. Web Developers also break down into the two main job categories: 
      • Front End Developers: are responsible for designing the website, making the structure or what the people will actually sees there. It usually involves HTML, CSS, JavaScript and there are a lot of others as well like react or angular. It usually gets started with the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 
      • Back End Developers: Now a days JavaScript is actually overcoming to lot of things especially with the involvement of the node.js and firebase and lot of other things. There are lot of options like Python, Ruby on Rails, Angular, PHP, .NET. Usually the Back End Developers are the one who design the databases and all activities that happens in the back end. 
      • Full Stack Developers: They are the developers with the knowledge of both Front end and Back End technologies.
  3. Network Engineers: 
    • They are the one who can look out for the servers, connections from the computer to the internet, maintaining the servers, and protocols to follow. Network Engineering is a very high end professional job.
  4. Cyber Security Professionals:
    • Now Obviously every product needs security. Security jobs are booming quite a lot nowadays especially with the involvement of bug bounties. It's now a day quite easy to find security professionals. Security professional is a very tough job to get started and even the learning process is quite a lot. You need to be good at some of the scripting languages as well, You can get started with python and ruby as well but when a security professional move into the programming then the actual potential comes out of that person. 
  5.  Mobile Engineers:
    • Especially in the IOS and Android sector there is a special boom and in the last couple of years after the launch of the Swift, Android and IOS is actually booming and there are native apps that are also coming up as well. So mobile engineers are under rocket into the near future. So a great tip to become a Mobile Engineer is to get started with a native app development first. Later move into the both platform or move into the hybrid app development but at least get started with the native. 
  6. Data Scientist:
    • This is relatively a new job but this is growing quite a lot. The terms related to Data Scientist are Machine Learning, Data Mining, Big Data. 
  7. Business Analysts:
    • There are lot of engineering students who are good in maintaining the stats and it's still working quite greatly in the excel sheets. The good thing is they can go into the Business analysts because every business need analytics. and again one need to learn a little bit of technology so they can actually understand what is happening in the company or market and provide graphs, data and stats to pitch up new ideas and implementation of those ideas. 
  8. Cloud Architect:
    • The reason why lot of companies are not moving into the cloud architect because one they are not getting the idea how much cost effective it's going to be  and how much stable it's going to be and they are not finding enough engineers around who can move their entire architecture onto a cloud based service. It is a highly paid job but requires a tons of skills and direct exposure to the live environment, live project sites. 
  9. Testers:
    • Testers jobs are little bit different from the cyber security testing or the security professional because they are worried about the security loop holes and the Tester are worried about the working architecture or how the links are broken or if certain things are not working. If you want to go with the testing selenium is booming around the world. 
  10. CMS Developer:
    • CMS stands for Content Management System. Giant CMS like Wordpress are already built up, cooked up Content Management System. But there is a tons of things that one can do. One can just simply learn PHP,. HTML, and basics and start by exploring the CMS and can quickly get a job done. Now you can move to a company or you can start freelancing because there are tons of projects related.
So these are the Top 10 Jobs introduction that one can see and decide which one is best suitable for them and further pursue their career in one of the field.

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