Top 10 Weird Scientific Facts You didn't Knew Before.

We all people live in a beautiful world full of weird things and facts. Here below we will discuss about the Top 10 Weird Scientific Facts You didn't Knew Before and that will definitely amaze you. Let's roll into the Top 10 list.

10. Octopus have three hearts, blue blood and nine brains:
Top 10 Weird Scientific Facts

The sea creature is portrayed as alien or evil creature according to traditional mythology. Dwelling in the dark depths of oceans, the octopus have evolve into a weird creature with three hearts, blue blood and nine brains. These parts have their own specific functionality.

9. Average weight of a cloud is over a million pound:

This may sound strange that the cloud are heavy in weight. Actually clouds are made up of tiny drops of water dispersed over a large area which is much more larger than we see from the ground from a far distance. and due to those water droplets the weight of cloud is heavier.

8. Tears while crying are natural painkillers:
Tears that falls when someone is upset contains a hormone that acts as a natural painkiller. Human body releases hormone called leucine enkephalin under stress and emotional pain. So while you are crying, your body is actually trying to comfort itself releasing the hormone.

7. Coffee the most widely used recreational drugs:

Coffee is one of the most addictive recreational drugs. It can be a psychostimulants like cocaine and other drugs. When someone is asking a cup of coffee, they aren't just joking. Actually they are having withdraw symptoms like in drug addicts. Consuming coffee in large amount can be fatal to health. It can negatively affect the health condition of a normal human being.

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6. Playing video games for reasonable amount of time may be better for Health:
Since your childhood you must be said that playing video games is just a waste of time and bad for health But it's not the truth. Playing a moderate amount of video games is actually good for health. It can boost your skills of doing multi tasks, help to increase and improve the memory power, it can also help to heal common learning problem like dyslexia in children and youth. Playing video games for reasonable time can help you to increase coordination in doing difficult tasks and it also reduces stress and mental problems.

5. Approx 1/2 of the Earth's Oxygen comes from the Ocean not plants:
Teacher must have taught you that the main source of the Oxygen is trees on land, but it's not the truth. The reality is that the half of the Earth's Oxygen comes form the Oceans. Tiny aquatic plants called phytoplanktons that live near the surface of the water produce oxygen as the by-product by taking in the carbondioxide in presence of sunlight which is called photosynthesis process similar to plants residing in land.

4. Water, in Hot and Cold state produces different sounds while being poured:
It is possible for a normal human ears to notice the difference in sound produced while pouring the hot and cold water differently if paid attention carefully. Water shows the property of Viscosity which is the major factor of water like thickness and stickiness depending on the temperature. The Hotter the liquid or water lower the pitch of sound. On the other hand the lower the temperature of water higher the pitch of sound.

3. Sunflowers are sometimes used to clean the remaining waste of the nuclear firm and radioactive soil:
Sunflower fall under the family of plant that have the special property to pick up the radioactive isotopes during their growing phase. They pull and absorbs the radio active materials from the soil which makes their stem and flower radioactive. This is the reason why they glow during the night time.

2. Humans have over 20 senses:
Being a school student we were taught that we have five senses as sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound. Only five sense is not the exact true fact. Humans have more than twenty senses. For example: Our sense of balance allow us to stay upright when performing tasks like walking,running etc. This process is called Proprioception. Our one body part is in relation with another body part even though we cannot see the relationship between those parts.

1. Honey in sealed vessel never rot or go bad:
 A sealed honey is  literally edible for thousands of years afterward.For example: Egyptian tombs were found with jars of still edible honey inside. This was proved by the modern archeologists.

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