Free VPN for Andriod, IOS and PC | Get Full Access Restricted Sites | For PUBG users 2019

So there are many websites and mobile applications [like PUBG, Tiktok] that are restricted within a particular country. So accessing them normally is almost impossible. So the best and easy alternative to access the restricted sites and play banned games like PUBG is the use of VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that allows one to unblock any websites as well as hide your activities online as it can also be used for secure surfing on the Internet.  Let's talk about the Free VPN for Andriod, IOS and PC that are easy to use and free of cost.

Free VPN to play pubg after ban


Recently PUBG has been banned in Nepal and limited the use of PUBG in India. So the loyal and healthy players have been suffering. They are unable to access the game and play PUBG during their free times. But there are alternatives that can be used to play PUBG without any disturbance. One can make use of free VPNs that are available for the Android, IOS and PC users

The list of VPNs that we will be discussing are:

  1. Proton VPN
  2. ProXPN (no longer free)
  3. Windscribe
  4. ZPN
  5.  Hotspot Shield


It is the best free VPN service. Their bandwidth limit if you sign up with an email address is 10 gigabytes per month which can be increased to 15 gigabytes if you promote them on twitter. Connection speeds are also great on most of the servers and they actually support P2P. The Windscribe client also passed a DNS leak test with good marks and uses the very secure Open VPN protocol with a military-grade 256 bit AES encryption. You can ger windscribe custom VPN clients which are easy to use on windows, MAC, IOS and Andriod. You can be connected to multiple devices at the same time. Overall it is the best VPN services out there. To get a free account go to and sign up and verify. Then download the software on your any device. 

Hotspot Shield:

Their free service has a data limit of 500 megabytes per day. Also, there is only one free location for this VPN which is the United States. Its connection speed is quite good. Hotspot Shield also passed the DNS leak test and uses the open VPN protocol with military-grade encryption. 

You can use Hotspot Shield VPN on windows and MAC computer and as well as IOS and Android mobile devices. Downloading the Hotspot shield client for the window is really easy. Go to  and click the download button on the front page. Then just install and enjoy. 

Proton VPN:

Proton VPN is made by the same Swiss company that created the encrypted email service protonmail. The advantage Proton VPN has over other VPN is in terms of their free service that they don't have any bandwidth limits and there are three free server locations. However, their connection speed is terrible and you can use it on only one device at a time. 

You can use this VPN on many different platforms and even on third-party VPN clients by using your OpenVPN username and password. The Proton VPN clients don't have any DNS leaks and they exclusively use secure VPN protocols like OPEN VPN which also has strong 256 bits AES encryption. 

To use this VPN for free head over to and click on the signup button and select the free plan. Login and Download the VPN for the platform you want to use this VPN for.


ProXPN has only one free location which is the United States. It does have unlimited data transfer and much better connection speed. It does have Android and IOS VPN clients. Free users can use it on only windows and MAC computers and only on one device at a time. 

It uses the tried and trusted open VPN protocol for their free service along with a 256 solid encryption. To get a free account just go to and create an account there, activate the account and download the ProXPN VPN.


ZPN has a 10 gigabytes per month bandwidth limit for free accounts but their connection is much better. They also have 5 free VPN locations. On the downside, It does not have good platform support as some of the other services. It's custom VPN clients can only be used on windows, IOS and  Android. However, you can manually setup open VPN connections on almost any devices and they have setup guides for that on their website. The default protocol in their windows VPN client is SSL VPN But they also support open VPN. It also does not leak DNS information. Head over to and get a free account then log in and download the software.  

In Conclusion, these are the VPNs that can be used to get access to any restricted sites and play pubg even after the being banned in Nepal

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