Is PUBG going to be Banned in Nepal and How to play Pubg even after the Ban by Government?

So will the most popular online game PUBG (Player Unknown's BattleGrounds) be Banned by the Government of Nepal? and If the Ban is real, How to play PUBG even after the Ban?

PUBG going to be Banned in Nepal
source: Routine Of Nepal Banda Facebook Page

PUBG is currently the most popular online game and Many Nepalese from child to adults are addicted to this game. Due to the severe addiction of many Nepalese youths on PUBG, Government of Nepal took an initiative to ban PUBG from whole Nepal. As per the case, court and CIB has ordered NTA(Nepal Telecommunication Authority) and other ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to impose on the ban on the PUBG.

"Kathmandu District Court ma muddha parepachi, Court ra CIB le NTA lai Nepal ma PUBG tatkal ko lagi ban garna request gareko cha" -Routine Of Nepal Banda.

Why PUBG is going to be Banned in Nepal? 

PUBG is an addictive online game. Many people are continuously playing the game from day to day.
There were many reports of parents complaining about their kid getting addicted to the game and playing PUBG continuously for hours and claiming that the game was affecting their health and study. But Is banning PUBG a real solution?

On banning the game a lot of healthy players suffer who play just for entertainment without addiction to the game, maybe monitoring one's child activity or thinking about oneself could be the solution.
There should be the role of parents in correcting their kids, calling for it to be banned for everyone is probably a very pointless thing to do.

The game has already been banned in China and there is a partial ban in India. PUBG cannot be played for more than 6 hours in India. And there were instances like a youth losing consciousness after continuously playing the game as well. And after a case lodged at the Kathmandu District Court, the game has now banned in Nepal as well.

NTA(Nepal Telecommunication Authority) has currently directed all the ISPs to ban the game on their networks. The ban, once live, will not let anyone download or play the game.

Many argue that the game destroys mental health, and leads to addiction. Many of you might not believe this. While there are arguments on whether video game addiction is even real, a certain study found this to be a real problem among very few people. But, most people who are into gaming don’t exhibit such behavior.

How to Play PUBG even after the Ban by Government?

There is a saying in Nepali.

Khane mukh lai jungha le chekdaina

Beard cannot prevent a man from eating. So there are many ways you can play PUBG even after the ban on both your mobile phone and personal computers plus laptops. And still, this is just for educational purpose and for healthy players. I do believe that banning some game cannot lead to the development of the country. There are still many games that youths are addicted to and it is not possible for the government to ban every single game.

How to play PUBG on mobile even after the ban?

To play freely even after the ban on PUBG by Nepal government, you can install VPN apps on your mobile device and play for an unlimited amount of time.
  • First, install the VPN on your mobile device.
    • Recommended VPNs for mobile devices that are free to install from the play store and app store:
    • TurboVPN, Pshiphon, Ultrasurf and many more that you can search on the internet.
  • Connect to any other country.
  • Enjoy PUBG.
This is the same case for the PUBG players in laptop devices. Simply download and install the VPN applications and enjoy.

Some thoughts:

About the ban on PUBG Mobile :

I don't think using a VPN to play supposedly banned games is the real solution here. Banning of Porn and now PUBG mobile marks a bigger problem in our government and authority. The problem of misinformation, ignorance and authoritarian censorship.
Just because of some complaints about their kids getting addicted to the game and playing it for hours and not a good enough reason to ban a game which has such a huge impact on the Nepali Youth culture. Those addictions can simply shift from PUBG to some other entertainment source like YouTube or Netflix but the jobs and opportunity that PUBG (and other E-sports games) created are lost forever.
This decision show how illiterate and ignorant the old fuckers sitting on the high chairs are and this ban is wrong in so many fucking ways. This is just a step backward.
And the solution is not us adapting to this cruel authoritarian regime but the authority should recognize the promise and potential gaming industry has and how banning things left and right just kills the potential. Other countries are pushing esports and nurturing the potential that carries while Nepal is just banning things they cannot add a tax on, just cause they cannot use it to their own benefits.-  Frustrated Nepali Youth

What are your thoughts on this? 

In short, Banning PUBG cannot be a good decision made by the government. This is pointless and irritation thing for games out there. Many gaming streamers have to lose this passion who are streaming on PUBG. Please do comment your thought on this. Good comments will be posted on our site.

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