Why To Learn Javascript | 5 Concrete Reasons To Learn Javascript

Why you should Learn JavaScript in 2019? | What are the Reasons to Learn javascript.

So What are the top 5 concrete Reasons to learn JavaScript? Let's hop into it.

When we code out there we eventually develop some love for a particular language but it's kind of a wrong thing that when you stuck with one language out there, you are losing a lot of opportunities. Maybe you can get stuck with one company and you cannot just lead that company because you are not aware of the other languages or maybe you are losing some app development or other fantastic that are right now popular out there. So you might be having your favorite language out there. Here below are the 5 top reasons that you should learn javascript.

If you are a beginner in any programming language then javascript is a great option. The Concrete reasons to learn javascript are:

  • Javascript is pretty forgiving to get started with
  • One Immediately get the Product Out there
  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Game Development
  • and many more.
reasons to learn javascript

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1. Javascript is pretty forgiving to get started with

A lot of people might argue that forgiving languages are bad languages because they don't force enough out there to learn the proper syntax. But when somebody is getting started with the language he should get the feeling that yes I am learning something. The javascript is pretty forgiving language because it's a web language and that is one of the main reason that beginner can get started out there and instead of getting stuck with the syntax, he can get started with the logic building that is pretty important out there. Later he can learn more about the syntax can use different IDE's that can guide him out there. 

2. One Immediately gets the Product Out there:

For example, if most of you are enrolled in the Bootcamp of the IOS development remember the feeling when you code onto your real device out there. That is the best feeling, the same feeling you get in the Javascript as well. You write the code, Your run it on the web and you get output out there as soon as quickly. and that is not just the output on the black screen, JavaScript is much better in getting the output quickly. Although there are some issues with getting out there yes we can just forgive the out there. 

3. Front End Development:

Now let just say you know how to design a website in HTML and CSS but that website is pretty boring. Now if you want to add some interactivity or some great features out there you have to learn javascript. JavaScript, later on, can be evolved as a JQuery or some plugins out there or some frameworks that can enhance your features. The sliders that you see moving out there, the images that you see moving out there are actually a product of javascript. So that is why javascript is recommended for the web developers. 

4. Back End Development:

Nowadays javascript has been asked to do a lot more than it was eventually designed for. Now with a v8 chrome engine that is being placed out in the servers like NodeJS and dozens of other things javascript is doing a whole lot more things. So if want to get started in the backend development and don't want to get started with the new language out there javascript is kind of a perfect choice.

5. Mobile Application Development:

Yes, the native applications are far greater but hybrid applications are also very good and are quite good in the market. For example, Netflix is designed totally on a hybrid platform and javascript will help you quite a lot in getting started with the hybrid mobile application development. So if you want to get started with the mobile application development and you can just put your app in javascript and can export it as an android app or IOS app or maybe windows app as well.


JavaScript is emerging programming language. It's being used in many fields. It does have a wide scope in the field of Information and Technology. So above are the great reasons why you should get started with javascript in 2019

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