Harmful Effects Of Cell Phone On People

A cell phone is a small wireless device which is portable and acts as a medium of communication between individuals and organizations. One cannot imagine normal daily life without the use of a cell phone. It is a small electronic device which can be of great advantage if used properly and in the limit. Modern phones nowadays have many functionalities of music players, cameras, Internet access, and texting. But everything has pros and cons. Likewise, there are many Harmful Effects Of Cell Phone if used improperly.

Harmful Effects of Cell phone on life

Many negative effects of excessive use of mobile phones can be found around us wherever we live. There are many reasons why cell phones are dangerous. Some of the effects are listed below:

  • Health Risks of Mobile Phones
  • Harmful effects of Mobile phones on Students
  • Cell phone Radiation effects on the Brain 
  • Negative effects of mobile phones on society

Health Risks of Mobile Phones | Cell Phones

Mobile phones can result in many health risks if they are used in excessive time and in an improper manner. Excessive use of mobile phones can have a negative impact on children to adults to elderly people. Nowadays many children are addicted to using mobile phones. They are always busy playing games on a mobile phone, tablet, and video games.

This kind of activity is severely affecting the health condition of children. Children are suffering from diseases like headaches, sleep disorders and depression, eye-related problems, and other psychological disorders. Many children are on a low diet because they have no concentration in eating habits and healthy foods. They are skipping their lunch being busy in mobile phones all the time which is negatively affecting the health of Children.

Nowadays adults are always busy on their mobile phones. They are continuously using a mobile phone. Most of the time they are on social media, playing games, or surfing the internet. Excessive use of mobile phone may cause headaches, decreased attention, shortness of temper, sleep disorders and depression mostly among teenagers.

 Adolescence is the time when a young adult is especially vulnerable. In cases of excessive mobile phone use, there is a possibility of addiction to cell phones. The real world of energetic adults seems to fade in with the hours-long conversation and hundreds of messages in cell phones. The overuse of cell phones affects the health of elderly people in a similar manner. So There are many negative cell phone effects on health.

Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones on Students

Majority of people who uses mobile phone excessively includes Students more. Students nowadays can live without books bit they cannot think of living without cell phones. They are so much dependent on their cell phones that they unaware of the harmful effects of cell phone on their study. One of the reasons for decreasing grade of the student is the overuse of mobile phones. 

On one side the use of the mobile phone is degrading their health and on the other side, their future is also uncertain because of their negligence in the study in creative works. The use of the mobile phone is making students passive. Previously students use to spend their leisure time doing creative tasks and playing outdoor games. But nowadays Student is wasting their valuable time and mind on using mobile phones which are affecting their capacity and creativity.

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Cell Phone Radiation Effects on the Brain

It sounds little weird that cell phone causes cancer. But this is indeed a true fact. According to modern researches, the most dangerous problem is the connection between cell phones and
cancer. Many scientists and researchers from different places agree that there is are certain threats
from using cell phones too much

It is reported, that people who talk on the phone for several hours a day are 50% more likely to develop brain cancer. The reason for this is the radio waves produced by mobile phones. The reason for this is that the radioactive frequency of electromagnetic fields shaded off by mobile devices have an adverse effect on our brain and can trigger the development of brain cancer in the future.

Negative Effects of Mobile Phones on Society

Society is a group of people living together in peace and harmony. Nowadays people of society are becoming unsocial. And one of the reason is the excessive use if the cell phones. It is a sad reality,
that many people of society, especially youth and adults are experiencing lack of human contact, and they are trying to compensate it by mobile-phone communication, which is not an adequate substitute for personal intercourse. These aspects cause psychological problems, as people start to feel uncomfortable in face-to-face communication. This kind of situation can hamper the peace and harmony of the society and can negatively affect the development of society.

Prevention of the negative impact of Cell phones on People

So should we completely stop the use of cell phones?

It doesn't mean that due to the negative effects of the cell phone we should completely stop the use of cell phones.  The most important thing is to consider that we should make use of cell phones in limit and stop using the mobile phone excessively.

The parents should have an eye on the habits of their children. They should restrict their children on using mobiles phones for a long period of time and motivate them in doing creative tasks rather than playing games on mobile phones.

The adults should limit the use of cell phones by getting engaged in their day to day important tasks and study. They should limit the use of mobile phones and start getting engaged in activities like sports, music, travel and tours, etc which will refresh them and help in proper utilization of their leisure time.

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