About SickTechs

About SickTechs
First and foremost, we are glad to see you here; for it’s good to know about an urge to get to know more about us. SickTechs  is a tech blog, where we publish original and proven tech related stuff , scientific facts and about Information Technology consistently.

About the blog:
Here, at SickTechs, our ultimate concern or the people that we bother about the most are our readers. It’s because we consistently try to publish various educational articles on technology , how-to use and implement them, tutorials that can make the daily life activities of our readers.

To be true, we do believe in originality and quality. Our first and foremost priority while developing any content is that everything should be original and up to the, because we never believe in the concept of compromise, be it anytime.

About Me:
This blog was founded by Sandesh shrestha. Sandesh is currently studying bachelor of software engineering. but has chosen blogging as his hobby. Apart from Blogging, he likes to read books in his free time and also listen to some soothing music. Apart from a mere blogger, he is also a smartphone addict and online job holder. Also he likes to explore tech related stuff.

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